Be part of the Journey.

  Be part of the Solution.

Humans are compromising the health of the Ocean in serious ways, and the only way to truly change this is through Awareness, Education and Action.


Welcome to Whirlwind Odyssey, a global community of caring citizens like you who are committed to learning how we can help restore the health of Our Oceans.

Whirlwind Odyssey is:

  • a global community of individuals, teachers, students and organizations who are committed to learning about:

    – our connection to the Ocean

    – how we can better care for the Ocean

  • a unique and engaging educational platform connecting us all to our Ocean through a sailing voyage

  • this journey of humanity towards a more Sustainable human presence on the planet, one that thrives with nature, not at the expense of nature

  • a journey of Awareness, Education and Action

At Whirlwind Odyssey, our mission is to empower caring people, like you, in helping to restore the health of our Ocean by generating real movement towards Sustainability through Awareness, Education and Action.

How it will be done, and why should you be a part?

  • We can’t do this without you… the whole purpose of this community is to help create positive change and move us all towards a better future, one that thrives with a healthy Ocean.  Together, we truly can make a difference.
  • This 2-3 year sailing voyage will be calling on coastal communities all around the world, building a global community with people and organizations in our ports of call and beyond. We will learn together how we can truly affect change and restore the health of our Ocean.
  • Effectively, we are taking you on this journey… although, you don’t have to get wet!  All along the way we will be sharing with you through the blog, pictures and videos, which will be sent right to your inbox when you decide to “Be Part of the Journey”.
  • This sailing voyage… is a journey of us all… of humanity, towards a more Sustainable existence on this planet that helps Nature to thrive WITH us.  The time to act is NOW, The recent scientific data of the state of our oceans health is rather scary in it’s projections of what our NEAR future holds and what it will look like for future generations if we do nothing.

Together we can all Be part of the Journey, Be part of the Solution.

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Why should you care about Ocean Health?

Awareness. Education. Action.

Working to help restore the health of our life-giving Ocean by generating movement towards Sustainability through Awareness, Education and Global Action.

Be Part of the Journey. Be Part of the Solution.

Ocean Health is Our Health

Only a Healthy Ocean can sustain Healthy Life for us now and in the future.

Our Ocean is the foundation of All Life on our Planet.

We compromise all Life by compromising the health of our Ocean. We are responsible for the Ocean we leave our children.


Our Oceans regulate Our Planet’s temperature, weather and climate.

Our Oceans provide 50% of the oxygen we breathe.

Our Oceans provide more than 80% of the water we drink.

Our Oceans continually renew and purify our water and air.

Our Oceans are the primary source of protein for 2.6 billion people.

Our Oceans are what make life on Our Planet possible.

All life on this planet is connected to the Ocean and its inhabitants. The more you learn about the issues facing this vital system, the more you’ll want to help ensure its health—then share that knowledge to educate and inspire others.


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Ghost Fishing

Ocean trash


“There are no environmental solutions to environmental problems only social, economic and political ones.”

– Charles Secrett

Our Sponsoring Partners

“The process of moving from an old narrative to a new one requires that we question our connectivity, or rather, our disconnection. Reconnection is so important in the transformation process. We don’t destroy what we are connected to.”

-Lori Pye, PhD: President of Viridis Graduate Institute, International School of Ecopsychology