About the Blue Planet Odyssey Educational Program

The Blue Planet Odyssey will reach out to schools worldwide by way of a comprehensive educational program. As participants, we will be getting local schools actively involved in following the progress of the Blue Planet Odyssey, while schools on the Blue Planet Odyssey route will also have the opportunity to communicate with each other.

Education IsmagesWe will be calling upon some of the most remote and endangered parts of our planet. The Blue Planet Odyssey website, social media and other accessible technology such as Skype will be used to maximize contacts between schools, as well as providing windows to the places visited. For example, in Guadeloupe a ‘virtual classroom’ will be set up with the local aquarium which is doing vital conservation work for marine wildlife.

Up to date information on the Blue Planet Odyssey’s progress around the world will be available in a number of forms: via the website and social media, from video ‘viewsletters’ uploaded to the internet, as well as regular electronic newsletters. Schools will be able to follow the participating boats online as each boat will be fitted with a tracker device for automatic updates on their positions.

Resources will be provided to enable pupils to learn about the places visited by the Blue Planet Odyssey, and to discover why our changing climate is a real threat to those places, from the coral reefs of the Caribbean and low-lying atolls in the Pacific to the Arctic wilderness of the North West Passage.

Support and resources will also be provided for participants as they set up links with schools in their own countries.


Participating Organizations and Schools